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Celebrate Sunday Mass - 1.17.21

The video for Sunday's Mass will be available on Sunday morning.

Sunday School with Ms. Marieann is here!

Sunday school is here! Join Ms. Marieann each Sunday at 11 AM Pacific time. Here's how!

Why is America tearing itself apart? The Bible has an answer.

The Old Testament contains histories of ancient Israel. At those moments when Israel forgot its covenant with the Lord, and its people became wicked, God sent prophets to warn them. They did not always listen, and the results were much like we see in America today.

What will Ash Wednesday look like during Coronavirus Pandemic?

With the global pandemic still in full swing and no end in sight, many are wondering how this may affect Ash Wednesday.

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day: Catholic Leaders speak out on shocking reality behind Human Trafficking

Catholic Online School offers an educational course on Human Trafficking for FREE.

Celebrate Sunday Mass - The Baptism of the Lord Jesus in the Jordan - 1.10.21

The videos for Sunday Mass will be made available on Sunday morning.

U.S. Catholic Bishops demand peace after protests and riot disrupt the Capitol

Catholic bishops strongly condemned pro-Donald Trump protesters' incursion that penetrated the Capitol Building Wednesday as Congress debated the certification of the presidential election results, leading to the evacuation of lawmakers and the deadly shooting of one protester by law enforcement.

Reflections on Pope Francis' 2021 World Day of Peace message

If ever there was a time to unleash the Catholic Church's "secret weapon," it's now!

Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord: As the Magi Seek, So Should We

The first sentence of this Sunday's gospel (Mt 2:1-12) presents us with a contrast between three figures: Jesus, Herod the Great, and the magi who search the night for the focal point of a star's light, the newborn king of the Jews. Herod stands in between, not as a bridge but as an obstruction whose evil intent is to destroy the Child the magi seek. Herod represents the opposite of the divine mission of Jesus as well as the goal the magi have in mind in seeking out the Son of God made man.

Catholic Online School adds U.S. History!

Catholic Online School is adding US History to its list of courses. The first chapter, "A New Nation," is already published. A second chapter on the US Constitution will be published this week. The course, tailored for Grade 8 learners, is appropriate for all ages, especially adults seeking a refresher, or non-Americans seeking to learn the basics of US history.