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Demonic Attacks: 3 Ways to Defend Yourself

Demonic attacks and malevolent spiritual forces can come for any one of us. It is important that we are prepared and know how to defend ourselves from these attacks.

Medjugorje spiritual adviser excommunicated: Does this affect the status of the apparitions?

The Vatican has announced a former, early spiritual advisor to the Medjugorje visionaries is excommunicated. The Church issued a decree to announce Mr. Tomislav Vlasic had "incurred the penalty of excommunication." Vlasic had previously advised the Medjugorje visionaries. Now the question arises whether or not the integrity of the visionaries and the apparition is impacted by his involvement.

More context on Pope Francis' 'civil union' comments released

A fuller context of remarks from Pope Francis on civil unions in a recent documentary has emerged, while questions continue to surround the documentary, and the Vatican has not responded to requests for comment.

Celebrate Sunday Mass With Bishop Strickland - 10.25.20

The videos for Sunday Mass will be available on Sunday morning.

Bishops call for caution and tell Catholics to await clarity from the Vatican on Pope Francis' civil union remarks

Bishops and prominent Catholics have responded to a new documentary in which Pope Francis is featured calling for civil recognition of same-sex unions, calling for caution and telling Catholics to await clarity from the Vatican after the remarks caused confusion.

Can a Catholic vote for Joe Biden? Fr. Meeks warns we are staring into the abyss

Fr. Ed Meeks has a warning for all Catholics.

Never silence a crying baby: Pope Francis rejoices in sound of crying baby during General Audience

Pope Francis has a love and admiration for parents and children like no other.

Pope Francis calls for civil union law for same-sex couples

In a documentary that premiered Wednesday in Rome, Pope Francis called for the passage of civil union laws for same-sex couples, departing from the position of the Vatican's doctrinal office and the pope's predecessors on the issue.

MIRACLE: The miraculous healing that led to Carlo Acutis' beatification

At just two-years-old, Mattheus Vianna was diagnosed with annular pancreas, a rare congenital disease. His prognosis did not seem promising, and by three, his doctors feared he would not survive the surgery he needed to live.

Celebrate Sunday Mass - 10.18.20

The videos for Sunday Mass will be available to view Sunday morning.