St. Therese have believed, from the beginning, that each of us is called to participate in the outreaching ministry of Jesus Christ. St. Therese of Lisieux described this work in simple, practical terms: "Jesus, help me to simplify my life by learning what You want me to be and becoming that person.”

Putting our faith into action is at the very heart of our Christian calling.  By volunteering to serve through the different ministries, groups and organizations, every person in the church has the opportunity to serve and to live their calling more faithfully.

Volunteers embody Christian love in action by bringing their diverse talents to the following ministries, groups and organizations:

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

When the Blessed Sacrament is exposed, Jesus is with us in a special way.  We draw close in mind, body, and spirit and open our hearts to God.  Join us Wednesday following the 9:00 AM Mass. Contact: Parish Office ~ (239) 567-2315

Adult Faith Formation

Provides opportunities that enrich mind, body and spirit. We call upon members of the St. Therese Parish, as well as guests outside the Parish, to share their knowledge, skills and talent with the larger St. Therese community. We provide opportunities for adults to experience all aspects of growth and development and leads them to appreciate the many gifts God has given them. Gatherings are held on several afternoons throughout the year. Additional information on these gatherings can be found in our Sunday bulletin. New members are welcome. Contact: Nelson Perez ~ (239) 567-2315 ext. 104

Altar Servers

Serving at the table of the Lord is an important and wonderful way that young people and adults can assist in the Eucharist — the source of our life as Christians. Boys and girls from Grade 4 and up are invited to train as Altar servers for Sunday, Holy Day Masses and other rites. Group and individual training take place as needed. Contact: Nelson Perez ~ (239) 567-2315 ext. 104

Arimatheans of St. Therese

The Arimatheans at St. Therese Parish currently consists of a group of caring parishioners who wish to support their sisters and brothers in Christ, who have experienced the loss of a loved one. As members of the Arimatheans, we serve the bereaved and give Christian witness by our presence during funeral liturgy. Contact: Becky Harper ~ (239) 567-2315

Blanket Ministry

St. Therese Prayer Blanket Ministry is committed to the belief in the healing power of prayer and God’s command to love one another, offering continual prayer for courage, hope and comfort and peace to all who receive a prayer blanket. Contact: Joan Springer ~ (Coordinator) (239) 567-2315

Council of Catholic Women CCW

The Council of Catholic Women is a ministry of women committed to sharing, practicing, and deepening their faith through spiritual programs and services to both the Church and the larger community. In addition, they host various parish functions celebrated throughout the year. The CCW aims to support, empower, and educate Catholic women in spirituality, leadership and service. The council's programs respond with Gospel values to the needs of the Church and community. Contact: Shirley Spicer ~ (President) (239) 567-2315

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharistic

The Eucharist is at the center of our celebration and distributing the Body and Blood of Christ is an action of utmost reverence. Those who desire to serve in this ministry should be active practicing Catholics who habe completed the Sacraments of Initiation. The ministers assist the priest with the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ at weekend masses, holy days, special liturgies and sacramental celebrations throughout. Our Eucharistic Ministers are trained so that they may know the proper reverence and procedures for the distribution of the Eucharist. This ministry is a wonderful opportunity to help feed the community with the Bread of Life, Jesus Christ. Contact: Deacon Joe Hopgood ~ (239) 567-2315 

Food Pantry

A ministry that provides food (dry goods, canned good, personal care items, etc.) for those who have come upon hard times and need assistance in this area to provide for their families. Non-perishable items are left in the vestibule of the church and are collected daily. Monetary gifts can be left at the parish office.  All those being served by the food pantry appreciate your generosity and prayers.  Contact: Parish Office ~ (239) 567-2315

Friends of Lazarus ~ Bereavement

This ministry is an opportunity to help with the grief journey. Meeting with others who have suffered loss and are experiencing similar pain, will give support and understanding that helps sustain us during a difficult time in our lives. Each meeting addresses a different issue of grief. Meets Fridays from 9:45 - 11:30 AM in the Conference Room. Contact: Summer Allman ~ (Coordinators) (239) 567-2315


The St. Therese Fundraising Committee is a group of volunteers who identify, plan and coordinate various parish activities to raise money in support of the Church. They think of new and creative ideas to build community while bringing money into our parish. This ministry is always looking for new volunteers to help with the planning and execution of currently planned, as well as new fundraising activities. Contact: Rev. Jan Antonik, Administrator ~ (239) 567-2315

Gospel Forum

A weekly gathering of men who desire to develop a deeper relationship with Christ by discussing the following Sunday’s Gospel and its application to everyday life.  Meets Wednesdays, from 10:15 – 11:15 AM in the Conference Room.  Contact: Gary Dube ~ (Coordinator) (239) 567-2315

Homebound Ministry

If you are lonely, elderly, confined to home or just unable to go to church, the St. Therese parish family offers you someone who cares.  We will visit you in your home.  We will pray with you and bring you Holy Communion. If you would like to be part of this ministry of if you are in need of service of this ministry.  Contact: Rev. Jan Antonik, Administrator or Brenda Dolan ~ (239) 567-2315

Knights of Columbus KofC

The Knights of Columbus are a Catholic men's fraternal benefit society – more than 1.8 million worldwide.  It is through six key areas of service – faith, community, family, youth, fellowship and respect for life – that the Knights of Columbus truly make a difference!  They sponsor many spiritual, social, charitable and community programs.  They work closely with the Pastor to support him, the parish and community.  All men of St. Therese Parish are encouraged to consider becoming a Knight.  All visitors Knights are always welcome.  Contact: Paul Mayotte ~ (239) 567-2315


Ministers of the Word proclaim the Word of Sacred Scripture at Mass liturgies with great reverence, energy, faith and love.  Their careful preparation, enthusiasm and prayer give St. Therese a wonderful foundation for immersion into the very Word of God.  They prepare by praying, reading and reflecting upon the readings in advance and taking time to learn the proper pronunciation of words.  Mass assignments are on rotational schedule. Contact: Rev. Jan Antonik, Administrator ~ (239) 567-2315; Joline Lambert (Coordinator) ~ (239) 567-2315

Music Ministry

Music is an integral part of the St. Therese experience.  The music ministry at St. Therese is proud to enhance the worship and lead the congregation in the songs and responses during our Eucharistic celebrations and other services through the year.  All are welcome to take part in music while at St. Therese; there is a place for everyone — or if you'd just like to join in song from the safety of your pew, that's fine too!  Rehearsals are Tuesdays afternoon at 3:00 PM in Church.  Contact: Joseph J. Nigro ~ (239) 567-2315 ext. 106

Prayer Group

This group meets every morning Monday-Saturday at 8:00 AM in church to pray the Rosary.  Join us as we pray for our Church, our priests, peace in our world and for the sick and suffering.  Contact: Parish Office ~ (239) 567-2315

O.C.I.A.: (Order of Christian Initiation of Adults)

This process is for welcoming and preparing those who are joining the Catholic Church and for baptized non Catholics who have not yet completed the Sacraments of Initiation.  It is open to all parishioners as a means to grow in appreciation and knowledge of the truths and traditions of our Catholic faith.  Sessions are conducted weekly.  We share our experience of faith with catechumens and candidates by discussing faith related issues and preparing assigned topics for the instruction of those in the O.C.I.A. process.  Contact: Nelson Perez ~ (239) 567-2315 ext. 104

Religious Education

Religious Education is the committed effort to help our children and youth know the love of God through Jesus Christ and to know the joy of celebrating that love as Catholics.  Our goal is to provide a solid foundation and sacramental preparation (First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation) so our children and youth can express why they are Catholic and what Catholics believe, and to enable them to live their faith.  We treasure the vibrant life of the children and youth in our parish and see them as images of Christ’s presence in us.  Religious Education classes are open to all children of the St. Therese parish in grades K-10.  Contact: Nelson Perez ~ (239) 567-2315 ext. 104

Rosary Makers

A ministry of The Council of Catholic Women at St. Therese is making rosaries for the missions, patients at Hospice, ill of our parish, school children and the homeless.  The ladies meet in the chapel area on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month following the 9:00 AM Mass.  Supplies and instruction are provided.  Contact: Parish Office ~ (239) 567-2315

St. Vincent de Paul ~ SVDP

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a Catholic outreach organization of St. Francis Xavier and St. Therese Catholic Churches.  We faithfully fulfill the gospel call by attending and providing fresh food and financial assistance to the poor and needy of North Fort Myers.  Envelopes to make an offering to assist the St. Vincent de Paul Society in their outreach to the poor of our area are available in the main entrance of the church.  Contact: Angela Austin ~ (239) 369-1231

Sunday Scripture Reflection

The Sunday Scripture Reflection group, led by Deacon Frank Barone, meets on Tuesdays, from 9:45 – 10:45 AM in the conference room at St. Therese.  This gathering is for anyone, both women and men, who wish to come together with others from St. Therese Parish, familiarize themselves with the readings for the following Sunday and share a reflection.  Contact: Deacon Frank Barone (Coordinator) ~ (239) 567-2315 

Ushers and Greeters

Our Greeters and Ushers are our official Ministers of Hospitality, the Hosts and Hostesses of our parish!  They are sometimes the first face that visitors and parishioners see when coming through our doors.  We strive to be a welcoming community that embraces the call to welcome the stranger in our midst.  This ministry is vital to our spirit of welcome and hospitality.  In addition to greeting, our ushers make sure there are people who will be taking up the gifts of bread and wine during the Preparation of the Gifts.  They pass the collection baskets during Mass, distribute bulletins and offer assistance to those who may be looking for a place to sit.  If you are interested in becoming a Greeter/Usher, please contact us.  Contact: Tom Donoghue (Coordinator) or Tom Fleming (Coordinator) ~ (239) 567-2315