The Eucharist is the preeminent sacrament from which all others receive meaning. In the Eucharist, Christ is most profoundly present in the church where we gather to hear the Word of God and to share the nourishment of Christ's Body with one another. We are blessed to have Masses daily at St. Therese's, so you have ample opportunities to receive Our Lord frequently. At St. Therese's we always offer the Eucharistic under both species, the host and the cup.

Please pray and reflect in becoming an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist. Information and training are provided. Contact: Deacon Joe Hopgood ~ (239) 567-2315

Please pray and reflect in becoming a Lector of the Eucharist.  Information and training are provided. Contact: Joline Lambert ~ (413) 519-7684

First Holy Communion: The preparation for children for First Eucharist seeks to make them more aware of God's love and their call to be part of the "Body of Christ." Parents, catechists and the parish community are personally involved in bringing our children to the Table of the Lord.

Children at least 7 years of age and in the 2nd grade are invited to prepare to receive First Holy Communion. This process at St. Therese requires two years of Religious Education (Year I and II). Parental participation and Mass attendance are required. Contact: Nelson Perez ~ (239) 567-2315 ext. 104

An alternate process is provided for older children and adults. For more information, click on the O.C.I.A. link on our website.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: Join us every Wednesday following the 9:00 AM Mass.

Eucharist to the Homebound:  The Eucharist can be brought to people who are homebound or just temporarily unable to get to church by an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist. Please contact the parish office at (239) 567-2315 so that we can arrange to have a Special Minister of Holy Communion visit you at a mutually-agreeable time and date. Contact: Brenda Dolan ~ (239) 567-2315

Sunday Televised Mass: The TV Mass for the homebound is televised at 13:00 AM on FOX4 (WFTX). If more convenient, you may view a video of the Mass on the Diocesan website –