A sacrament of spiritual healing, the Sacrament of Reconciliation or Penance, often called Confession offers the gift of forgiveness for the sinful ways in our life. Through our acceptance of that forgiveness, we become reconciled with God and with our church community.

Catholics are encouraged to celebrate this sacrament frequently, but especially in the case of serious sin. Reconciliation is available regularly at St. Therese's. The sacrament is offered every Saturday from 9:30 AM-Until All Are Heard and 3:00 PM (before 4:00PM Mass) in the Reconciliation Room in the Chapel. Parishioners of all ages are encouraged to attend Communal Reconciliation services, which are celebrated during Advent and Lent with several priests present for individual confession. These joint reconciliation services are announced in the bulletin and will also appear on the calendar on this website.

First Reconciliation:  Children at least 7 years of age and in the 2nd grade are invited to prepare to receive First Reconciliation. This process at St. Therese requires two years of Religious Education (Year I and II). Parental participation and Mass attendance are required. Contact: Nelson Perez ~ (239) 567-2315 ext. 104

An alternate process is provided for older children and adults. For more information, click on the O.C.I.A. link on our website.